The Winter Series is the league's mid-season series. Unlike the competition during the regular schedule, it is supposed to create unique situatuions which won't regularily appear on the on-season schedule, which is most likely achieved by different classes of racing each year and this will start off with the Formula E in 2018–19. It will be held every Sunday of a IVRC Winter Series meeting.


Formula E (2018–19):

The inaugural season included several bids and thoughts about the series to go for, ranging from open-wheeler series over multi-class racing to touring cars. Ultimately, as IVRC will not feature any open-wheel racing series until at least 2020, the decision was made towards Formula E, as it's unique nature and challenges will provide entertainment and action for the off-season.

Zastava Yugo (2019–20):

The second season of the Winter Series aimed to recreate some classical, grass-root touring car action. While the more regular Touring Car Championship has a lot more serious attitude towards racing, the Zastava Yugo Winter Series was introduced to give all participants some good, hard action on track.

Race weekend

On Saturdays, drivers have a 5-minute qualifying session. The qualifying session decides the grid order for race one, run over a time of 15 minutes. After short breaks in between, the same procedure repeats for race two, which covers the same distance.

Point system


The race will be run with a scoring system similar to the one used in Formula One, however it will feature bonus points for pole position and the fastest race lap:

Position 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Pole FL
Points 25 18 15 12 10 8 6 4 2 1 3 1

The maximum number of points a driver can score at any round will be 29.

2019 onwards

All races will be run with a scoring system similar to the one used in all IVRC series:

Position  1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th   8th   9th   10th   11th   12th   13th   14th   15th 
Points 25 20 16 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

The maximum number of points a driver can score at any round will be 50.

  • Each driver has to drive 50% of race distance to be eligible for points.


  • Game: Automobilista
  • Eligible cars:
    • Zastava Yugo Hobby


Season Series Champion Second Third Team Champion Platform
2018–19 Formula E Germany.png Constantin Grimminger Spain.png Carlos Frau Venezuela.png Jesús Chirinos Germany.png MPG Swinegel Racing Automobilista
2019–20 Zastava Yugo Sweden.png Carl-Magnus Borre Netherlands.png Sven Geelhoed Hungary.png László Téglás Sweden.png FRA Simracing Team
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